Former Legendz Sports CEO Fined $12.6 Million for Illegal Sportsbetting

Former Legendz Sports CEO Fined $12.6 Million for Illegal Sportsbetting

Former CEO of Legends Online Sportsbook Receives Huge Fine, No Jail Time Issued

Bartice ‘Luke’ King, former CEO of online sportsbook Legendz Sports gets no jail time but has to pay $12.6 million in penalties thanks to an Oklahoma judge who doesn’t believe that illegal sports betting isn’t a crime, well he agrees it’s a crime, but a victimless one.

The judge sentenced the former CEO on Thursday to just five years’ probation with the first five months being spent at home under house arrest. Bartice King’s conviction was issued two years ago for money laundering and illegal gambling conspiracy.

King was looking at spending up to 41 months behind bars but lucked out when US District Judge Stephen Friot overturned the jail sentence only giving the former CEO and fine and probation.

King was sentenced just one day before the state senate voted 22-16 against a proposed bill that would have approved sports betting in the state if the federal government lifts the ban. The District Judge viewed his ruling in according to his personal beliefs with sports betting not being a detriment to society at large. The judge recommended to the jury that two other defendants only receive probation as well.


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