Former Sheriff Gaming CEO Faces up to Four Years Behind Bars

Former Sheriff Gaming CEO Faces up to Four Years Behind Bars

Stijn Flapper the Former CEO of Sheriff Gaming, Parent Company Bubble Group May Get 4 Years as Prosecutors Seek to Finalize Illegal Gambling Case

The former CEO for Sheriff Gaming could face up to four years behind bars if Dutch prosecutors get their way and win their case, and if the courts find the former CEO guilty of tax evasion, money laundering and illegal gambling. Stijn Flapper, Sheriff Gaming’s former CEO, appeared in court this past week with prosecutors asking the courts for prison sentences of four years for his role

The trial first began back in September. The case and charges stem from several raids that took place back in 2013 where dozens of bank accounts, business and residential properties were seized. There was more than 100 million seized from Flapper and two others were involved. Flapper denies all allegations and charges and has even filed a 75 million suit against Netherland officials claiming he has done nothing illegal or wrong. Prosecutors are claiming that Flapper and his two accomplices used seven different Costa Rica-based websites to launder money, and other illegal activities such as drug trafficking.

Other disturbing allegations revolving around the case is that Sheriff Gaming software engineers said that the software providers slots were never designed to pay out huge jackpots and that the jackpots that were ‘won’ went to family and friends, and not ‘real players’.


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