Frank’s & Reid’s Online Gambling Bills “History”?

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Senator Harry Reid’s relationship with big named Las Vegas casinos has turned out to be the death of his online poker bill that would have given poker players the freedom to gamble online at legal and regulated poker sites in the US. However, the dream seems to be over because Republican Representatives are accusing Reid of pushing for this bill as a favor returned to these Las Vegas Casino operators for their support in this re-election bid, which he won, thanks to their donations and backing. Granted, if that is the true story behind the politics of his sudden switch from opposing online poker to now backing it and becoming its loudest supporter, then I can understand all the arguing and accusations that are happening in Congress. But, at the same time it just shows that US poker players cannot depend on anyone to really support their side in this tumultuous issue of US citizens rights to online gambling. If Senator Reid used funds from Las Vegas Casino owners to further his Senate career and then promised these backers a passed online poker bill so that they can dominate the online poker community, all he did was hurt the millions of online poker players that were counting on him.

Where is Barney Frank and H.R.2267? It has become very clear that Barney Frank has become silent and missing the past few weeks and talk of passing his HR2267 bill have almost disappeared totally from radar. Has he given up the fight since the Republicans won the election and are due to take over the House in January? If he has, why not say so? Why leave his supporters wondering where they stand and who supports them in their fight for the freedom to gamble where they choose whether online or on land? It seems to me that both of these guys have let down the gambling community that has been supporting them fiercely, and neither has had the time to update American citizens to their agenda’s or even offer an apology for screwing things up so badly (Senator Reid), but as American citizens we should expect this type of treatment. Our government leaders, who we vote in by the way, could care less what “we the people” want because if they did we would not be having this conversation and online gambling would be legal and the entire country would be prospering!

By Patricia C. Senior Editor
Rick Norris is the originating founder of Casino Scam Report ( which has now been rebranded to Casino Players Report. For over 15 years he has helped players avoid online casino scams. In the process, he has helped recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for players.


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