Free Bets in Australia Banned Under Federal Gambling Crackdown


More Restrictions Added to the Online Gambling Regulations in Australia

The Herald Sun, an Australian newspaper reported that restrictions towards online gambling has gotten tougher with newly added regulations. Friday, Federal Ministers agreed to put a stop to bookmakers from offering free bets and other incentives to get bettors to sign up in hopes of minimizing problem gambling in the country.

The Landmark agreement is the name of the new regulated bill that controls bookmakers such as Crownbet, William Hill and Sportsbet to offer the extra bonuses to bettors who either refer new players under their existing account and for new signups.

Federal Human Services Minister Alan Tudge said in a statement,

“Many Australians enjoy a punt, but we want to ensure there are reasonable protections in place and that individuals have greater control over their gambling expenditure. Online gambling is growing faster than any other form … the gambling problems of the future will all come from the online space if we don’t put sensible protections in place now.”

The meeting that took place Friday also saw an agreement between Federal and Provincial Ministers for new standards that are strict in terms of giving bettors the option to close their account with no questions asked.


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