Full Tilt Poker Potential Buyer Gets Hearing Delayed

Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker was able to get their hearing delayed with the Alderney Gaming Control on Tuesday until September 15th to give them time to finalize a deal with a potential buyer, which would help the company’s financial situation and obligations to their thousands of faithful customers. The lead commissioner on the case, Isabel Picornel stated that this action was taken with the interest of the customers of Full Tilt Poker to finalize all investments.

It has also been reported that the potential buyer that was interested in Full Tilt backed out and a search is on for other buyers. The original buyer was only interested in buying the UK version of the poker site as well as the Irish & Europeans facing licenses. The U.S. operations were the cause of the derailed negotiations. Also reported is the fact the professional poker player Phil Gorden removed himself from the brands lawsuit stating, “I have held myself to the highest standard of conduct and have repeatedly said that Full Tilt Poker should repay all outstanding monies owed to U.S. players as quickly as possible.

With the delay in hearings, the possibility of a new buyer is hopeful and player’s owed money will eventually be paid. The brand itself could be saved in the right hands, which would be a welcomed outcome for all the Full Tilt faithful players who frequented the second biggest online poker site following Poker Stars.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor casinoplayersreport.com


  1. As per usual FULLTILT has NOTHING on their site, in fact its the same BS thats been on the front page since day one. …ie nothing.

    The fact that they DO NOT show any info tells the players, US, that they, fulltilt do not give a flying fk for us..

    How insulting can you be fulltilt.

    A ex fulltilt player.

  2. Do not worry your moderator (ROTFLMAO) at your ‘important job status lol’

    I will post this everywhere and the fact that you may or may not censor my previous post means nothing.

    FULLTILT = bs

  3. I would like to see the ft brand back. The site had really good software and game selection. I enjoyed playing on the site. Hopefully, everything will be straightened out and the site will be up and running again.

  4. full tilt is the best poker site out there, the us players should stop b*tch’n ans suck up

    A Full tuilt poker player 4 life


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