Gambling Commission Reiterates ASA Ruling to Lottery Operators

Gambling Commission Reiterates ASA Ruling to Lottery Operators

UK Gambling Commission Warns Lottery Operators of Advertising Rules

Lottery operators across the UK are urged by the UK Gambling Commission to follow its strict rules regarding advertising laws. Back in November the Health Lottery was warned by the ASA, UK Advertising Standards Authority regarding the amounts lottery players can win for each of the lotto draws.

The advertisement that warning was issued for said lotto players could win up to $137,400 for each of the five weekly draws. The ASA basically said this was false advertisement since no single winner has won the top prize in three years. The Health Lottery was ordered to take their advertisements down and was told to “not exaggerate the likely winnings available in the lottery” with all future advertisements.

The UKGC released the following statement, “One of the key licensing objectives is that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way, this includes any advertising carried out by licensed operators. Where information about the prizes available in your lottery is published you must make sure this is done in a clear, transparent and unambiguous way so that consumers will be entirely clear of the prizes being offered. In particular, adverts must not mislead by exaggerating the likely winnings available.”


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