7Red Wants You to Be Naughty or Nice with Good Girl, Bad Girl’s Slot


7Red Wants You to Be Naughty or Nice with Good Girl, Bad Girl’s SlotAward winning slots operator 7Red Online Casino has a new slot to add to its amazing list of games powered by BetSoft Gaming. Angel or Devil this could be Heaven or Hell but the one thing that’s for sure is you’re going to be entertained.

The brand new 3D slots3 release Good Girl, Bad Girl’s is a recipe for twisted fun conjuring up a mixed emotions to choice your wild side or to be a good girl.

If your feeling frisky then jump on over to the little vixen in the sexy and dangerous side and go crazy playing the reels to win. But if you want to be the shy, sweet innocent little angel double up on goodness and prevail.

Good Girl, Bad Girl’s is wonderfully crafted with created imagery that enhances the games theme combining heaven and hell in such an intertwined way that players will be conflicted on which side to choose as they are both delightfully engaging.

The audio accompanies the game perfectly as you get the rhythmic sounds of guitar riffs and beating percussion’s that progress you through the games many enhanced features.

Good Girl, Bad Girl’s is a 5-reel 30 pay liner game is played as every spin extends the normal boundaries of slot machines to by letting the player choose one of 3 risk/reward strategies. The good girl approach runs on lower risk, more conventional play, whereas the bad girl mode raises the stakes with less frequent payouts but bigger prizes.

Each mode has specific features. Good girl mode pays 15 lines from left to right and bad girl mode pays those from right to left. You can also play the two girls together and bet on the full 30 lines to give you the highest win potential.

There are two kinds of wildcard symbols on the reels with a multiplier between 1 and 5 that increases the win accordingly. The game also features a special bonus round “click me” where players are allowed to take action as the halo and pitchfork symbols come up side by side.

This bonus has 4 rounds where you pick the gift boxes in a sequence to win the biggest bonus. Since you are playing either side, “good” or “bad”, the rules of course are quite different. However, the bonus round that you want to be good at playing “badly” is the money wheel. This special feature is triggered when 3 money symbols land anywhere on the reels.

When play as the sweet, innocent sexy lil angel character, you jet upward to heaven’s higher echelons to play the round and if you’re feeling naughty and playing in “bad” mode, your lusty demon descends to the fires of hell to do the deed. Every spin of the money wheel can award you a ton of free spins, progressive bonuses or give you the million plus credit super jackpot.

Summary of the Special Features
• You can change the gameplay engine and influence style, odds and win size
• Bizarre mix of gambling, sex, heaven and hell
• Money wheel bonus with loads of high paying options and progressive wins
• Double or quits bonus
• Frequent wildcards with multiplier
• 1,170,000 jackpot

Play 7Red’s new smash hit slot “Good Girl, Bad Girl’s” today and receive a welcome bonus of


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