Alea Announces Partner’s with Rightlander Compliance Service

Alea Announces Integration of Rightlander's Affiliate Scanning Compliance Service

Alea Announces Integration of Rightlander’s Affiliate Scanning Compliance Service

ALEA is the single operator of the world’s only 3D virtual reality online casino, SlotsMillion, recently announced the integration of Rightlander affiliate scanning compliance services.

Alea’s recent expansion strategy has made important decisions recently with the opening of SlotsMillion Casino in the UK market back in September 2017. ALEA also completed the acquisition of the UK mobile casino brand from the IGT group. Both strategic maneuvers continues show Alea’s commitment to continue complying with the guidelines set by the UKGC.

Alea’s partnership with Rightlander formed by former affiliate Iam Sims will utilize a specific tool set allowing the affiliates and operators to keep up to date with new rules.

Sims developed the tool after realising that the landing pages he sent traffic to often broke, stopped working or became irrelevant.

ALEA Affiliates will help and guide affiliates with regulators’ compliance rules as well as certain affiliates will receive a free yearly subscription.

“Using technology that scans websites and builds a list of all the locations an operator’s brand is mentioned or linked to, Rightlander allows ALEA Affiliates to discover websites linking to its brands that they may currently be unaware of. The platform also enables ALEA to monitor affiliate sites for potential compliance issues that may impact SlotsMillion and LadyLucks.”

This innovative new tool shows affiliates pictures of the madding pages they are sending their traffic to, as well as notifies affiliates of the compliance criteria ALEA actively monitor and if there are any issues.

Rightlander gives affiliates the possibility to follow all tracking links to their final destination which will inform affiliates in real time if landing pages have been modified, redirected or deactivated by the operator.

Ian Sims, founder of Rightlander, said: “We are delighted to have partnered our technology with ALEA and its SlotsMillion and LadyLucks brands. It’s a clear sign that ALEA is taking affiliate compliance seriously, and we are proud to be contributing to their efforts.”

Alexander Tomic, co-founder of ALEA, said: “Ian Sims is quite an asset, with his more than 20 years’ experience as an affiliate in the UK; he understands our needs completely and provides the perfect tool for us to respond to affiliates’ challenges regarding compliance.

“Rightlander’s technology makes this much easier by giving us a clear picture of exactly who is linking to our sites and brands, and whether those affiliates are acting responsibly or not.”

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