Helio Gaming Adds New Customisable Lottery Games to Broaden Player Base

Helio Gaming Adds New Customisable Lottery Games to Broaden Player Base

Helio Gaming Launches New Customisable Lottery Games to Compliment Lottery Hero Platform

Online lottery provider Helio Gaming launched a wide array of new draw games and daily and weekly events to its product or platform. The new games Helio added are all customisable and they complement their product as well as appeal to the global demographics.

The new daily and weekly events, along with the games will offer unlimited jackpots. The draws will be usable with Helio Gaming’s RNG and live broadcast on existing casino platforms. The games will also include incentives such as free sport bet wagers and free spins.

Richard Mifsud, Helio Gaming CEO said,

“Lotteries with their attractive jackpots have the ability to appeal to players from all walks of life wherever they are in the world. Whilst betting on the outcome of national lotteries has gained traction in recent times, the product does not allow operators to personalise the product. “What our new games do is give the operators the opportunity to create their own jackpots and hold draws at times that suit their players, offering customisable prizes and incentives along the way. They are an exciting opportunity for any brand to tap into the lottery phenomenon and control it themselves where they may not previously have had the ability.”

About Helio Gaming
Helio Gaming, a fully scalable lottery engine system that offers multiple API functionality with which to integrate existing gaming platforms, customer relationship management, campaign management, affiliate management, and other marketing automation tools. Its portfolio includes custom-made lottery games to fulfil any operator’s lottery needs, including its flagship brand Lotto Hero.


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