Playtech Releases New 21+3™ Blackjack Side Bet

Playtech Releases New 21+3™ Blackjack Side Bet

The New 21+3™ Blackjack Side Bet from Playtech Offers the ‘Perks of Poker into Every Round of the Classic Live Table Game’

The anticipated release of Playtech’s 21+3™ Blackjack Side Bet has officially launched.

Playtech announced the release of its introduction to its poker style twist to the traditional casino game saying;

the 21+3 side bet is a great addition to the classic live casino blackjack game and puts the excitement of poker into every hand. It will appeal both to those players who are familiar with either card game, as well as new customers who have never played blackjack before, and we’re delighted to offer even more chances to win.” – Kevin Kilminster, Head of Live Casino Innovation, Playtech,

Playtech licensed the new 21+3™ Blackjack Side Bet from Games Marketing, therefore Games Marketing has all exclusive rights to the side bet game.

How the side bet game works is that the side bet is based on the two cards the player is dealt, and the dealer’s up card. If the three cards combined form a straight, flush, three of a kind, straight flush or a three of a kind of the same suit, then the player wins the side bet payout. If you can get the highest paying ranking (suited three of a kind) then you will win 100x your original bet for that hand or round.

Players can tryout the new 21+3™ Blackjack Side Bet at any of our approved Playtech online casinos.


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