GB Gambling Commission Issues Warnings Against Festive Lotteries

GB Gambling Commission Issues Warnings Against Festive Lotteries

The GB Gambling Commission Warns Organisations Running Charity Lottery Games over the Christmas Season

The GBC said the warnings are to ensure lawful operations to avoid legal action potential. The Commission said organizations that are running and offering these games can only do so for charitable purposes and not for private or personal gain. The Commission also said there are several games and lotteries that are related to the festive season that are all subject to specific laws with these games including tombolas and raffles.

Organizations that are selling tickets prior to the raffle, lottery or tombola will need to secure a license from the regulatory body or register with their local authority. There are limits set as to how much the organizations can spend on ticket sales for each individual prize, but there are no limits on the number of donated prizes. All tickets being sold must cost the same amount unless they are being offered with a specific event.

The Commission, in addition said the organizations cannot carry over unclaimed or unallocated prizes to another lottery event unless it’s a lottery that is operating under a local authority registration or under the Commission license.


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