Get Ready for Quickspin’s Ivan and the Immortal King Slot December 11


Preview the Story of the Fortunate Russian Folk Hero Ivan Tsarevich and His Legendary Quest to Defeat the Immortal King, Koschei

Get ready for Quickspin’s Ivan and the Immortal King slot December 11th. The online games developer is excited to finally launch the much anticipated 5-reel, 20 payline video slot across its platform. The intriguing game takes players back to the medieval times in Russia where Ivan Tsarevich, folklore hero, embarked on his personal quest to defeat the immortal king, Koshey and the evil.

Ivan and the Immortal King boasts not only an interesting yet imaginative theme, but wilds, multipliers, scatters free spin and an overall 96.26% RTP. As soon as you launch the game you start your mission to slay the immortal king yourself. The king’s soul is hidden and it’s your mission to find it.

Koshey’s soul is hidden inside a needle that is hidden inside an egg, and the egg is inside the duck, which is inside a hare that is in a treasure chest. So, your mission is to find the chest, kill the hare, capture the duck then open up the egg and break the needle to capture the king. Once you conquer the king you are awarded with winning rewards and notable features along the way.


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