Greek Government Passes Reforms for RNG Games

Greek Government Passes Reforms for RNG Games

The Greek Government Approves the Passage of Several Reforms to Gambling in the Country Lowering of the Country’s Licence Fee from €5m (£4.4m/$5.5m) to €3m.

A series of reforms to gambling in the country has been approved for passage by the Greek Government. Of the reforms, the permission of Random Number Generator (RNG) games are included as well as the lowing of the country’s license fee.

RNG games, under previous iterations of the bill including slots were never allowed. This was a move that was strongly opposed by operators, so strong that operators in the country threatened to challenge. The introduction of RNG games was labelled a “win-win” by Regulus Partners, the Strategic Consultancy.

With the old system, licensed operators would be denied 10-40% of revenues with no RNG. If RNG games are not allowed or permitted the regulated market would see a significant shrinkage of 40% said Regulus Partners.

Partners said in theory, the government wins through the increasing channeling and doubling the tax which is definitely a win for licensed operators in the country.

Licensing fees will be lowered from 5 million to 3 million which is also great news for all operators, new and existing. 24 online operators were issued temporary licenses 8 years ago, but will now be allowed to continue operating under the same license until March 31 or next year.


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