GVC Holdings Announced Senior Management Changes

GVC Holdings Announced Senior Management Changes

GVC Holdings announced some senior management changes within the company.

The gaming group said they were making some significant changes to its senior product team as part of its operational structure plans. The first change reported is with Liron Snir, the current Chief Product Officer. Snir’s current role shifted, but none the less with more responsibilities with his new role focusing on providing guidance with the strategic sector of the company for product, projects and new partnerships with the company. Snir will now work side-by-side the group’s Director of Corporate Strategy and Development, Nick Batram.

Valery Gelfman, Deputy Chief Operating Officer is the second position within the company to have changed. Gelfman’s duties will now include being responsible for all retail product teams, sports, gaming and the group’s platform. Gelfman will also assume total responsibility for the company’s product planning. Gelfman will work closely with the Head of Product to focus on executing the digital and retail sectors and to provide transparency with the company’s needs and priorities.

Lastly, but not least, Claire Painting will be transferred to the operations team as Director of Customer Experience. Painting will report directly to Shay Segev, the Chief Operating Officer.


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