Hard Rock In Trouble with the Casino Control Commission

Hard Rock In Trouble with the Casino Control Commission

Hard Rock is one of the most notable brands all around the world. However, some people get confused when Hard Rock casino is mentioned as they are only aware of the Hard Rock Cafe.

There are many countries where only the cafe is featured. Well, Hard Rock has just received quite a lot of scolding from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE), for violating the compliance guidelines.

What happened was that Hard Rock applied for new casino licenses for only who new executives, when the reality was that they were featuring three of them. Therefore the NJDGE was left with no choice, but to hand out a fine at the end of the last month’s results, ultimately ruining the company’s good performance.


Well, when we mentioned a scolding and a ruin in the monthly performance, we didn’t mean a very large loss for the company. According to figures from CasinoReviewer the volume isn’t too big, it could also be said that the company got away with a warning, only having to pay $5,000 as a fine. The reason for the fine was the forgetfulness of the company for not filing a petition after hiring a new marketing executive for its Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City, Mann Lien. The site opened on the former site of the Trump Taj Mahal just last June. However you may be thinking why there was a fine at all, they just hired a new executive isn’t it their job? Well, no. The CCA (Casino Control Act) requires that every new executive is vetted by the CCC (Casino Control Commission).

The good news

Lien was given the job of BP of Asian Marketing just this July. Unfortunately, Hard Rock forgot or just didn’t give it much attention and didn’t bring the news to the attention of the CCC. Only in October were they able to notice their mistake and inform the commission for which, they were promptly fined.

Luckily not everything is bad news for Hard Rock as they were finally able to procure a sportsbook by signing an agreement with Gaming Innovation Group (GIG). The agreement mentions an offer from GIG to Hard Rock of an omnichannel sports gambling service. The GIG is actually based in Malta and really needed a helping hand in order to step into the US market, luckily they found Hard Rock and were able to help each other out without any complications.


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