Harmful or Beneficial? The Societal Value of Gambling – Opinion

Harmful or Beneficial? The Societal Value of Gambling – Opinion

There are loads of gambling sceptics who think that the line between gambling and crime is thin. They think that most gamblers are addicts and that no self-respecting adult would go to a high-street bookie. Ever.

While this is obviously a bit extreme, I can’t blame such an opinion. After all, the level of gambling addiction in the UK is quite high, and casino companies can often seem like money-grabbers.

However, let’s forget all that for a moment. Instead, let’s think about what gambling truly is, and what role it plays in the society that we live in right now.

You’ll be surprised to see how many benefits it may bring to the individuals who don’t shun it.

Why Is Gambling Beneficial

Essentially, gambling industry relocates the funds of all participating individuals. The companies claim a small percentage of all the money involved but eventually returns most of it back to the people.

On an individual level, this might mean a huge loss or an even bigger profit. However, on a communal level, it may seem like something that doesn’t generate any value at all.

The Industry

Regardless, there is some value in it, specifically the economic value. Gambling industry is absolutely huge in the UK, generating billions of pounds of income to the country’s coffers.

There are loads of companies involved, including game creators, affiliates, payment methods (e.g. PayPal) regulators and official bodies. As a result, about 100,000 people work in the industry.

So, this hobby may be controversial but it sustains other peoples’ lives. While the same industry creates some societal problems, it’s also an efficient driver of the economy.

The Entertainment

Speaking of gamblers, they also get to enjoy a sort of entertainment that differs from all other activities. As long as you participate responsibly, you can have the time of your life at land-based and online casinos alike.

It’s a good way to chill out after a workday or to spend an evening downtown. Gambling can also be enjoyed in company, especially if you visit an old school venue with your friends.

The Culture

What’s more, casinos have developed a unique style and imagery that inspires movies, music, literature and other works of art. While this may not seem like a benefit to society, one can’t deny that gambling features in many of our favourite books and feature films.

Why Is Gambling Harmful

That being said, it’s not like this form of entertainment is without its flaws. As already mentioned, casinos and their games can be addictive and result in great financial and social issues.

This is a potential risk for up to 2% of people and the industry is still struggling to protect vulnerable individuals.

Aside from that, though, there isn’t much harm in playing casino games. So, while the coin has two sides, I believe that the benefits greatly outweigh the harm for most people.

We just need to manage our budgets so we don’t overspend. Plus, help those who struggle with it so that they don’t gamble away their happiness.

Peter McCullough, is our online poker/sports betting writer. He has been with us since our old website, Casino Scam Report (https://www.casinoscamreport.com). Since rebranding to Casino Players Report, Peter continues to focus on the online poker/sports betting industry news.


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