House Approves Gambling Expansion Bill, Off to the Senate

House Approves Gambling Expansion Bill, Off to the Senate

Pennsylvania Sees Movement for its $31.5 Billion Budget Bill

Pennsylvania’s $31.5 billion budget bill sees movement with the House Appropriations Committee this week. The bill, which includes legalizing online gambling, has been a bit controversial with its online gambling measures to raise revenue in the state. The next step for the bill is to get voted on by the House. This could happen any day now.

The bill also increases taxes on smokeless tobacco and cigarettes, and hopefully will be able to rely on revenues from the proposed gambling legalization with regulating and approving licenses from land-based operators already established in the state.

Onlookers are saying that the bill will not be agreed upon by everyone, but it’s definitely a first step in the right direction with Thursday’s deadline for passage of the state’s budget for 2016-2017.

“I think we have an agreement with House Democrats. That doesn’t say that everybody is going to vote for this tomorrow. Quite frankly, I feel a lot better this year than I did last year at this time,” commented Rep. William Adolph.

A spokesman for Governor Tom Wolf said that,

“The governor looks forward to continuing to work with the legislature, and as the budget moves through the process, he is hopeful all sides can reach an agreement.”


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