How To Calculate Casino Welcome Bonus

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Well, with the increasing number of modern techniques in gambling, online casinos are more common than ever before. However, while venturing into the online gambling experiences, you should know the proper tools to calculate exactly what you are getting by enticing the welcome bonuses they give to the new players.

That being said, we have got the best bonus calculator for the new gamblers to calculate welcome bonuses before setting off an offer. Sometimes, it is hard to understand the policies and different forms of bonuses at different online casinos.

Therefore, make sure to read some reviews before joining them. Every so often, they use to trick people with their welcoming bonuses that appear on their profiles. Thus, you must look for the reviews on their site and find yourself a trustworthy online casino to spend your earnings.

Why do Online Casinos offer Welcome Bonus?

The gambling businesses must invest first and then make money. To draw the attention of customers and investors, this has been approved as the most intriguing technique for online businesses.

More, casinos offer terrific opportunities for a variety of games that a player is good at. These games come in various options such as blackjack, roulette, slots, and a lot more. Whereas for this specific reason, you need to be more proactive with calculating the profits.

They offer you a startup bonus to entice their customers to be involved in the games and put in their money. However, it would be best if you made this money worthwhile by guessing the winning chances.

Furthermore, the basic principle for every Casino is to gather as many investors as they can. That is why they offer multiple welcome bonuses to the users so they won`t choose any other competitor against them.

Purpose of Casino Welcome Bonus Calculator

When users signup for Casino Online, they get a bonus offer. Because of the variety of their offers, it becomes difficult to calculate it on a set formula. On the other hand, many still adhere to common principles. The purpose of their bonus offers is to cut off their competitor to reach the maximum number of players.

However, every luxury comes with a price. So you might wonder what`s the catch behind all this. For that reason, make sure to go through all the rules and regulations of their Casinos policy. Sometimes, after signing up to those sites, you won`t be able to withdraw any amount because there won`t be any. So don`t be tricked by them, or else you will fall straight into their play.

How to calculate Casino Welcome Bonus?

Well, by using Casino Welcome Bonus Calculator, you can get your calculations done within seconds. First, of course, you have to feed the values right into the calculator, and viola`, there goes the result that you`ve been wondering about.

Enter the Deposit Amount 

  • If you want to deposit money into the desired Casino, add that amount to the calculator.

Enter Bonus percentage

  • What Casino is offering you as the bonus or profit, enter that too.

Enter the Wagering Requirements

These are the wagering requirements listed as terms and conditions of the welcome bonus or under the bonus offer that a casino is offering you.

Enter Game Contribution amount

  • For starters, every game requires some investment. That percentage is known as the contribution amount.
  • Furthermore, slot games require a 100% contribution to the wagering policies.

Instant Win Games

  • 50% (contribution for Welcome bonus)

Slot Games

  • 100% (contribution to bonus)

Table Games

  • Ten percent contribution is added to the bonus. At the same time, that is automatically generated by your calculator. It will tell you about the bonus, balance, and the total amount you have in your currency. This amount is further used to wager more to cash the bonus and deposit.


It might be unclear for you a bit, but let me sum it up a little to make it easy for you. If you have never used a Bonus calculator before, this might sound a little tricky for you. These calculators are designed to give you an estimate of your handsome winnings with your deposited amount.

Online casinos often reward the users for getting maximum traffic on their site instead of the competitors. That is why this reward money is known as the bonus for starters. In addition, you must be aware of how many times you can make an offer for the next game with the bonus.

Also, always find the perfect amount to wager on and which game suits you the most. Then, check if there are any limits or restrictions, and after that, the estimated profit and the wagering requirements can be calculated using the calculator.

Lisa T is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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