Huddersfield Town Charged by Football Association for Paddy Power Kit

Huddersfield Town Charged by Football Association for Paddy Power Kit

English Football Association Charges Huddersfield Town FC with Paddy Power Logo Misconduct

Huddersfield Town FC has been charged by the English Football Association with misconduct for breaching regulations regarding an oversized Paddy Power logo that were implemented into the uniforms. The branding of the logo appeared during a pre-season Championship club match against Rochdale AFC last month. The English Football Association said the sizing of the logo is what breached regulations being over 200sq cm. The regulation states that sponsorship logos are permitted on the front of a uniform shirt if it does not exceed the stated measurement.

Huddersfield and Paddy Power admitted to the oversize logo, part of a PR stunt to help with the launch of their Save Our Shirt campaign. Right after the reveal and admittance, the charges were then filed by the Association. Reports are confirming that Paddy Power is asking betting operators to stop sponsoring football team uniforms and is said to have signed up with several different clubs for support initiatives.

The English Football Association is giving Huddersfield until August 16th to make a response to the claim and charges.  The Association said they reached out to the club with the spokesperson saying they would comply with the investigation.


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