Huge Cash Prizes at Downtown Bingo’s $13K Guranteed


Downtown Bingo Hosting a $13,000 Guaranteed Event this Month

September 30th is a date you want to mark on your calendar! Downtown Bingo is hosting a $13,000 Guaranteed Event on this date starting at 7:00pm. Mega cash prizes will be given away throughout the evening with guaranteed games, top of the hour prizes and more.

It’s definitely time to win big at Downtown Bingo, and that is exactly what bingo players are about to do at this biggest event ever. The Downtown Bingo Tourney Bingo room is where all the action is taking place.

The evening will kick off with Top of the Hour games with $1,000 guaranteed games costing only $2.00 per card. These special games will play promptly at 7, 8 and 9pm. After things get warmed up a bit the big game will take place at 10pm. Card prices for the $10,000 guaranteed game will cost $5.00 each.

Imagine winning $10,000 from one bingo game? You could pay off some bills, take a vacation or go on a major shopping spree! Make sure to not miss out on the opportunity to do whatever you choose with the winnings. Downtown is offering pre-buy offers, get your tickets bought today!


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