Hulkamania Online Slot Coming Soon!


hulk hogan online gamblingThe European independent gaming company Endemol has announced a new division within their company that will focus solely on online gaming. With past online gaming hits like “Deal or No Deal”, plans to bring more popular TV formats to the online gambling sector with their own unique brand. Jurian Van De Meer, the head of Endemol Games stated, “Our products attracted different fan bases and this new division will build on its popularity creating fresh concepts which will help to keep the online gaming market invigorated.” Already a strong presence in the UK gaming market this new division will solidify the importance of growth in our area of business.

Van De Meer also reported that a major announcement regarding additional gaming deals is forth coming and any company investors should watch closely with their attention centered on their profit margin. One of those new gaming deals came to light as this story was being written and that’s the new deal that has been inked with Hulk Hogan formally of the WWE {World Wrestling Entertainment}. This new “slot game” will include original video of its star and the slot will be called “Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania”. More updates will be coming soon, with possibly an announcement from Vince McMahon the owner of the WWE and his thoughts on this new deal with one of his former stars!

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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