ID Model Changes for Internet – Aids Online Gambling First


ICANN Online GamblingIt has been a closed shop since right back in the beginning, when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN designed a system for the ID model for online addresses. We are talking about domain names, in particular domain name endings and how we identify more or less where a site comes from. Domain name endings are known as gTLD’s, we see these in .com, .co, .org, .net and so on. This is a very small list of 22 which expands to around 200 with addition of country specific tags; for example to end a domain name for the UK, .de for Germany, .fr for France – country specific.
ICANN is a California-based non-profit organization which has been discussing potential changes to gTLD’s since 2008. Recently during a special meeting in Singapore plans were approved to offer the gambling industry their own distinctive or select gTLD’s. For example .foxy, .888, .bwin and the like! The vote taken also entrenches generic terms such as .poker, .bingo, .bet; you should be getting the picture by now.
This is a historic decision by ICANN, in particular because it is relevant to the online gambling industry first, but also because it opens up a world of possibilities in general. The President and CEO of the organization – Rod Beckstrom, commented that the decision has “opened the internet’s naming system to unleash the global human imagination.”
The obvious reason for these changes is to usher in a new Internet age. The new domain name ID system must first and foremost serve mankind, but what it really has done is provide a platform for a new generation of inspiration, innovation and creativity. Applications for new gTLD’s have to be backed by a legitimate claim and can start being processed by ICANN between January and April 12th 2012.

Written by Neha A.


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