Illegal Gambling Runs Deep In Moscow


russian mafia illegal gamblingCasino Scam Report printed an article last week involving Russian crime lord Ivan Nazarov and his connection to Moscow’s top Prosecutor Alexander Mokhov and his Deputy Alexander Ignatenko. This connection involved illegal gambling in Moscow which is run by the Russian Mafia and is under protection by the prosecutor’s office and other law enforcement operations. Moscow’s top prosecutor has been suspended along with his deputy and several other law enforcement people in the department. A huge battle is brewing now between the Investigative Committee, which outed these law enforcement people, and the Prosecutor General’s office.

Two weeks ago when mob boss Ivan Nazarov was arrested and then set free by the prosecutors office, alarms went off in investigators heads wondering why would the prosecutor let the crime lord go? The prosecutor’s office said there was not enough evidence to charge Nazarov with a crime, but after the Investigative Committee finished their investigation, there was enough evidence to charge Nazarov and the prosecutor’s office with a crime! Charged with allowing the gambling ring to operate under their protection and receiving lavish gifts and other alleged offerings, President Dmitry Medvedev said those who are implicated in this crime shall be fired irrespective of rank or title. Criminal groups in the region must be dealt with harshly and anyone from law enforcement or other entities that enable such crimes shall also be dealt with harshly.

Ever since banning all gambling in the country in 2009, underground gambling rings have flourished in Russia. Many illegal enterprises function now with the protection of security services said Yevgeny Goroshko a Gaming Business rep. who says there is an extremely corrupt system, which includes some government run sectors. The prosecutor’s office has been publicly shamed by Mokhov and Ignatenko said Yevgeny Goroshko, who is sure that this investigation is more of a personal battle between the Investigative Committees head, Alexander Bastrykin and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. A history of battles between these two has made many undergrads suffer, like what is happening now with the prosecutor’s office. This alleged battle between the two head’s of their departments could cloud the outcome of this or any other illegal activity whether gambling related or not.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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