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One of the reasons that Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming more and more popular in the betting market is the benefits gamblers receive, such as increased privacy, low fees, fast payments, great bonuses, and security.

However, there are still some downsides to BTC casinos that users need to be aware of. Sometimes, some gambling sites that accept this crypto can be shady and try to deceive users with unfair games, and require high stakes to pay.

In this article, our team of experts has researched and identified all the best legitimate and best Bitcoin casinos for real money for gamblers to consult. Moreover, you can dig deeper into the world of cryptocurrency in the market of chance. So whether you want to play poker, slot machines, or bet on your favorite racing team, the list of BTC casinos below will be perfect for you:

  • Red Dog;
  • Bitstarz;
  • Ignition;
  • Las Atlantis Casino;
  • 7Bit Casino;
  • Bovada;
  • El Royale Casino;
  • CloudBet;
  • Fortune Jack;
  • CafeCasino;
  • CSGOEmpire;
  • Super Slots Casino.

What is Bitcoin?

Currently, Bitcoin is not only the first cryptocurrency but also the most popular of the 5,000 cryptocurrencies available. This crypto is a decentralized digital currency that users can buy, sell, and exchange directly without the need for an intermediary like a bank.

Every BTC transaction ever made exists on a public ledger that is accessible to everyone, making transactions challenging to reverse and to be tampered with. That’s due to the core design of their decentralized nature. This crypto is not backed by the government or any other issuer and has nothing to guarantee their value other than proof built into the system.

Since its launch in 2009, this crypto has grown significantly in value. Although each was sold for less than $150 per coin, as of March 1, 2021, 1 BTC has been sold for nearly $50,000. Because its supply is limited to 21 million coins, many expect its price to only continue to rise, especially as investors and institutions begin to see BTC as a digital gold to prevent market volatility and inflation.

The system is a collection of computers, all of which run BTC’s code and store its blockchain. Within each block is a set of transactions. Because all computers running blockchain have the same list of blocks and transactions, and it is clear that these new blocks are filled with recent transactions, no one can cheat.

How Bitcoin works?

It is built on a distributed digital record called a blockchain – a linked piece of data made up of units called blocks that contain information about every transaction, including dates, hours, total value, buyer and seller, and a unique identifier for each exchange. The entries are chained together chronologically, creating a digital blockchain. Blockchain is decentralized, meaning any organization does not control it.

While anyone can edit blockchain sounds risky, that’s what makes this crypto so trustworthy and secure. When a block of transactions is added to the BTC blockchain, that block must be verified by the vast majority of all Bitcoin holders. The unique codes used to identify the user’s wallet and transactions must follow the appropriate coding pattern.

Why Choose Bitcoin Over Conventional Casino Payment Options?

There are many benefits to choosing this crypto as a gambling payment method because it is easy, reliable, and free to use. When betting with bitcoin payment, gamblers don’t have to deal with a handling fee to save money.

Because this crypto is not regulated or has any kind of association with any bank or government, money processed by this method cannot be seized, confiscated, or frozen as with traditional currency accounts.

Many bitcoin casinos only require bettors to provide an email address to retrieve a password without asking for personal information such as address or full name. Therefore, anonymity is also a great advantage. Here are a few reasons to rethink Bitcoin as your favorite payment method at online casinos:

Security and Safety

The majority of online casinos require gamblers to leave personal information and banking details on registration. Providing credit card information can sometimes be risky, as it’s confidential data that can cost users dearly if not appropriately handled.

In contrast, for crypto casinos, safety and security always come first. The user’s information is always kept confidential, and they only need to fill it out once and send money via a given address. Crypto casinos in the gambling market are always safe and secure compared to traditional online casinos.

Cheaper deals

Traditional online casinos are often complained of by the high costs associated with transactions and deposits. Besides, sometimes gamblers also have to pay taxes, which significantly affects the total amount of winnings.

With crypto casinos, most of these costs are virtually exempt since transaction fees are zero or very low. BTC casinos are also not regulated by any payment service or institution, making transactions always cheap. Bettors will also enjoy low withdrawal and deposit fees. This is why crypto casinos are preferred over traditional casinos.


In a traditional online casino, a few tricks they use to engage users, like flashy visuals, high winnings, and bonus promotions, are sometimes confusing. However, these promises rarely come true, and many users incur losses.

On the other hand, Bitcoin casinos can hardly hide any information as they are pretty transparent. The online gambling platform they use is straightforward, and gamblers can easily see any unusual changes. Bettors will not encounter any fraud or fraudulent activity, as all odds are legal and transparent.

Resistance to censorship

The decentralized nature of this crypto makes it resistant to censorship or government interference. This feature many online slot bettors enjoy as it promotes a unique financial system for players looking for more freedom. Blockchain technology drives transactions without intermediaries. This crypto is designed to minimize the risk of double-spending while promoting transparency.

Varied games

While there aren’t many crypto casinos, their portfolio of available games is impressive compared to some more traditional casinos. Some gamblers will be surprised to see games with 99% payout rates at some BTC casinos. The number of games with a much higher percentage of return in crypto casinos than traditional online casinos.

Gamblers can explore all kinds of high-quality games, including slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Highly immersive live casino games increase the user experience.

Mobile transactions

This crypto is an excellent choice for gamblers who love mobile slot games as it drives mobile payments quickly. Players can pay anytime and anywhere. These perks are perfect for bettors in countries where gambling can be restricted without going to land-based casinos or banks. When paying on mobile phones, users do not have to enter a PIN, register, or swipe the card and the Bitcoin wallet application is easy to use.

How Do We Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino Sites?

Currently, gamblers have a wide selection of Bitcoin casinos to their liking. However, playing online sometimes comes with some risks. In case you are interested in depositing and withdrawing money from a crypto casino, you must look for a reputable gambling service provider. The variety of online casinos can be confusing for users unless you have some guidelines to follow. Consider the following factors before choosing the best casino for real money for yourself:

Trust and Reputation

If you want to research crypto casinos, you should visit different casino review websites to find a lot of information about new casinos and check bad experiences from other players. Never mind that players judge that they cannot win because it is entirely out of control for BTC casinos. In other words, you should choose wisely and make an informed decision based on game diversity, security, bonuses, customer support, etc.

Examination of License

Make sure the online casino of your choice has a license from a reputable authority. When it comes to BTC casinos, users are more likely to find brands operating under permits from Curacao than from the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, or Sweden. While the Curacao license is easier to obtain, it is still a respected and secure license.

Check the Game Providers

Good BTC casinos will bond with reputable and trustworthy game providers. Reputable game vendors not only make great games but they are also certified to be fair and completely random number generators (RNG). Some of the best game providers you can target are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Novomatic, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger Games, etc.

Certificate of Fairness Examination

The best online crypto casinos will comply with what the law requires. Safe casinos will be certified for fairness by an independent review board such as iTech Labs, GLI, and eCOGRA. These confirm that the BTC casino operates fairly and does not scam users. The Fairness software for BTC games is such a fairness certification too, so if the crypto casino has it, this is a beneficial addition.

Customer Service

Full customer support is one of the key features that you shouldn’t overlook. Regardless of how well the casino of your choice is set up, you may experience some difficulty in playing. A good crypto casino will have fast and professional customer service. Live chat representatives must be friendly and give users a sense of comfort while playing at the site.

Available Payment Methods

Of course, if you are going to play at the BTC casino, you need to make sure that the casino accepts this payment method. Check that the methods of transferring and withdrawing money are transparent to avoid losing money, unfortunately.

Bonus Incentives

Every crypto casino offers a bonus on first deposits, free money, or free spins when newcomers open an account without a deposit. However, do not ignore bonus terms as the more engaging the bonus, the stricter the terms and conditions. At some casinos, there is a maximum bet equal to the prize, and with free spins, there is the payout maximum. Occasionally, specific payment processors and games are not counted toward meeting wagering requirements.

Bitcoin Games

Cryptocurrency gambling games are no different from other betting games, and not all casinos offer the same library of game titles. Overall, however, gamblers can use this crypto to play the most popular casino games, such as:

  • Slots;
  • Blackjack;
  • Video poker;
  • Roulette;
  • Craps;
  • Dice;
  • Live casino;
  • VR casino.

If you like cryptocurrency games, you can check out any casino you’re considering signing up for to make sure they have suitable games.

Certain casinos have separate sections titled Bitcoin Games. For example, you will find lots of cool dice games highly appreciated by cryptocurrency players like Satoshi Dice and Bitcoin Dice.

For sure, with the popularity of crypto gambling sites continuing to grow, you’ll find more crypto games available to you.


Bitcoin slots have become popular, from 3 basic scrolling games to 5 roll games that include interactive video elements and hefty bonuses. Depending on each casino, gamblers can score rewards of up to 100 free spins!


This is a straightforward classic casino game to play with this crypto. Blackjack rules are pretty basic. Players need to get closer to the total of 21 to win. Some of the variations to find are Pontoon, Double Exposure, and Multihand Blackjack.


There are many Poker games like Jacks or Better, Multi-hand variation, or Texas Hold’em. For generations, Poker has been a game loved by many gamblers.


It is a pretty simple game, and the rules are basic. Players need to bet whether the roll will be higher or lower than the set score. Winning is based on the odds or how good the bet is. The rounds also took place very quickly, making the match much more intense.


This is probably the most popular live casino game out there. Players just need to guess which color or number the ball will fall to. There are also many types of bets, so you can try to secure your victory.

Sports Betting 

Although this is not a traditional casino game, it has quickly gained popularity with BTC-based gamblers. Sportsbooks have become more open to these crypto stakes, so bettor’s payouts can be pretty significant.

Live Dealer Games

Crypto-live dealer games have become trendy in online casinos in recent years. Moreover, the live stream technology acts from a real-world casino and allows interaction between gamblers and dealers. It also enables bettors to enjoy an immersive environment.

Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Crypto and fiat casinos are both known for offering a decent range of bonuses. Therefore, bettors need to understand the basic terms before committing to accepting any bonuses. Here are some of the main bonus types offered by the top crypto casinos:

Bonus Requirements

Trading crypto casino bonuses almost always has several requirements and limitations for withdrawing Bitcoin bonuses and winnings since the casinos don’t want to lose all their money to gamblers who just use the deposit bonus and walk away.

If you win without a deposit bonus, you may have to remove the bonus through wagering. However, bonuses are still an excellent way to increase bank assets even when there are restrictions.

Always read the bonus requirements and wagering limits carefully to get the most out of them.

Deposit Bonus

The two main types of bonuses are a deposit matching bonus and a no deposit bonus. Deposit matching is the prize users will see most often. It is the proper percentage reward, with the bonus value based on the first deposit, up to a certain amount, for example, 100% match bonus up to £300.

Some crypto casinos offer a more comprehensive match bonus, which will reward gamblers for making the first few deposits rather than just the first time.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is a rare one offered by crypto casinos. Simply put, it is a bonus that does not require a confirmed deposit. The no deposit bonus is usually much smaller than the traditional welcome bonus as it doesn’t require any kind of financial commitment. What gamblers need to claim this bonus is to open an account to get the no deposit bonus just by playing a trial at the casino.

No-wagering Bonuses

No wagering bonus has no wagering requirement, meaning that it can be claimed, used, and then withdrawn without any requirement for the number of times the bonus amount is used. No-wagering bonuses and no deposit bonuses are the most common bonuses a crypto casino can offer gamblers.

Reload Bonuses

Many casinos also offer reload bonuses, meaning that gamblers can deposit money multiple times. Reload bonuses are top-rated at crypto casinos because many BTC players love to send them multiple times. These bonuses are the same as regular welcome bonuses and often have similar wagering requirements.

Free Spins

As an alternative to matching bonuses, free spins are given as part of a welcome or incentive bonus for users’ first deposit. In some cases, free spins are offered no deposit bonuses, i.e., no deposit is required.

Loyalty Rewards

Most loyalty programs at crypto casinos are similar in that they offer rewards in the form of points, which can be exchanged for bonuses or credits. VIP programs provide significant bonuses, birthday gifts, exclusive promotions, VIP hosts, and invitations to exclusive events.

Bitcoin Payments at Online Casinos

While not widely accepted at online casinos, this crypto still has some special perks for gamblers compared to other payment methods:

  • Low transaction costs – BTC transactions are virtually free. Due to the decentralized nature of the technology underpinning BTC transactions, there are very few costs involved in transacting over the blockchain;
  • Fast transaction speeds – Transactions are processed quickly and verified in seconds to ensure there are no delays in users recharge;
  • Completely anonymous – Transactions on the blockchain are completely anonymous. No one can track users’ transactions, and there is no paper trail on the bank statements.


To make a deposit, you must first set up an online Bitcoin wallet. These wallets exist online in the same way as a bank account or PayPal account. There are hundreds of different websites where users can buy BTC wallets, and almost all of them are free. Furthermore, after setting up a digital wallet, the next thing to do is to purchase BTC. While you can go out into the open market and look for the best deals, the wallet you are using will be more likely to facilitate buying Bitcoin. The process of purchasing this cryptocurrency is similar to purchasing consumer goods online, and you need to provide some basic financial information like name, credit card number, and physical address. Once the wallet has been loaded with cryptocurrency, the next step is to take those coins and deposit them into an online casino account.

The way to deposit BTC into a casino account will be a few differences from the usual deposit methods. As opposed to entering credit card information and making a deposit, users need to provide a BTC wallet address and the desired deposit amount for the casino. Once the casino has a Bitcoin address and the amount the user wants to send, the transfer will only take a few seconds.

In most cases, there will be no fees associated with depositing BTC in the casino. Most casinos also allow free withdrawals, but some will charge a 2% fee.

Another benefit where this crypto has a remarkable advantage over fiat currencies is the speed of payment processing. Depositing in BTC is extremely fast, and withdrawals take only about 15 minutes.

Most popular wallets are equipped with encryption technology to ensure personal information and wallet balances are kept private and secure.


Withdrawing money is just as easy as depositing with this payment method. Users can choose a Bitcoin payment method from the list of casino options for withdrawals. Withdrawals will be completed faster than the other payment methods available on casinos.

Therefore, many users think that they like to withdraw this crypto after each gaming session. They can also quickly deposit more crypto into their account if they decide to play again. Especially when depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin, users not only receive instant transaction time but also are not charged fees.


What is Bitcoin?

It is a virtual currency that an unknown person or group invented in 2009. BTC is a decentralized coin, which is not controlled or regulated by any bank or government agency.

How does Bitcoin gambling work?

Crypto casinos often offer new registration using internal wallets so that users can transfer BTC to them. The bets made are based on the stored amount of gamblers as the game is facilitated.

Who can gamble with Bitcoin?

Anyone! To play with a crypto casino, a user can directly deposit this cryptocurrency into an account, and it should appear after a few seconds.

Why do gambling sites use Bitcoin?

Because this coin is not regulated or controlled, the gambling sites will be much easier to process transactions. Deposits are typically processed instantly, faster, and more reliable than other banking options.

Is gambling online with Bitcoin illegal?

Bitcoin gambling is legal as it is not being targeted as a specific illegal activity. Due to the different laws between territories, gamblers must consider: If Internet betting is restricted where you live and if this crypto is banned as a payment option in your region.

Who controls the Bitcoin network?

There is no individual control at any step of the blockchain process. It is controlled by all Bitcoin users worldwide. While developers improve their software, they cannot force change the protocol because all users can choose which software and version they use.

What is a Bitcoin wallet?

It is a storage medium for storing this crypto. There are two types of wallets: online digital wallets operated through websites on the internet. The second is digital wallet gadgets, as small as can even be attached to a cluster of keys. But users need to own an online wallet account to receive or buy this crypto. You can then transfer them to physical wallet utilities.

Do online casinos reward Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency deposits?

Of course! Nearly all cryptocurrency casinos welcome bonuses and reload bonuses on Bitcoin and altcoin deposits as they offer traditional currency deposits.

Can I play Bitcoin casino games on a mobile phone?

Yes! Many crypto casinos offer games for popular mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, and others.

What is the minimum deposit at Bitcoin casinos?

The majority of crypto casinos do not require users to deposit any minimum amount. However, sometimes they can offer attractive bonuses if gamblers deposit a certain amount of money or coins.

Do Bitcoin casinos have any restrictions by country?

While the majority of BTC casinos accept players from everywhere, there may be some country-specific restrictions imposed. Gamblers need to check with the casino platform before depositing any funds.

Is payment with Bitcoin safe?

It is dubbed the safe money of the Internet. Users can make payments without disclosing any of the information associated with the account or wallet.

Can Bitcoin be hacked?

It is difficult to hack, but there is always the risk of money being stolen from a wallet in a crypto exchange. Since its inception in 2009, the entire network has not been hacked. There have been instances where exchanges or wallets got hacked, but not the whole network.

How to buy Bitcoin with gambling?

Brokers are an excellent way for gamblers to buy BTC easily.

Are there other digital currencies other than Bitcoin?

Of course, and so much more! Some sportsbooks accept other digital currencies like Ethererum, Litecoin, and many more.

Should gamblers use a different address for each transaction?

Yes. For optimal security and privacy, you should use a different address for each transaction. This is usually done for you when using a wallet or an exchange. It’s an option available everywhere you can use BTC in addition to paying sellers.

Lisa T is part of our editorial staff and writes about the latest online gambling industry news and related articles from around the globe.


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