Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (IGAB) Update


Australian Online Poker Players Consulted Over the Ban by Senate over Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (IGAB)

Aussie gamblers love to play online poker, but the government proposed an online poker ban causing players to be outraged. Earlier this month government officials consulted with professional poker players to solicit their thoughts on the proposed ban.

Online poker was singled out due to the government crackdown on gambling as a whole. Online betting was targeted to, but not as fierce as poker was. Of course, poker players voiced their opinion on the matter and do not want the ban. Since the Senate was willing to reach out and consult the matter the question being asked is this will be enough to squash the proposed banning of activities, and will it be enough to put the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill on hold?

Online poker once flourished in the country. This was before the government put a stop to activities. Many top leading operators such as PokerStars, 888Poker and others offered their services in the country with more than 130,000 poker players engaging in activities on a daily basis. One last ditched effort to stall the bill the Australian Senate passed a motion with a 46-22 vote for online poker players’ opinion on the matter.



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