Intertops Poker Satellite Winner On Way to Winter Poker Championship

Intertops Poker Satellite Winner On Way to Winter Poker Championship

Intertops Poker Online Satellite Winner is on His Way to Austria as the Winter Poker Championship in Seefield Approaches

Online satellite tournaments began earlier this month at Intertops Poker and now a winner has been declared and is heading to Casinos Austria, Seefeld for the February 24th to 26th showdown. The talented 27 year old financial analyst from L.A. named Douglas Klein will make the journey to possible victory. Along with Klein, Tim O’Keefe who also won his satellite has a ticket to the Austrian resort next month.

O’Keefe, a sponsored player has competed in several tournaments preceding the Winter Poker Championship that include, St Maarten and Aruba with the Intertops Poker team.

The last tournament in the three part series, the Sunday Final was high octane intensity for Klein as he describes below:

“With three players remaining, I flopped a set of 9s against AA and won a huge pot,” recalled the champion.  “I had the chip lead going into heads up so I felt like I would win.  I lost one big pot but then crippled my opponent shortly after.  I ended up by putting my opponent all-in with 88.  He had A7.  That was it.  The most exciting moment I’ve had playing poker – and now I’m going to Europe!”

Walking away with a $4,000 prize package which includes a €2160 buy-in for Klein to the Winter Poker Championship Main Event (February 24th to 26th). The player will have luxury accommodations to the Tyrolean ski resort along with travel expenses.

Klein is confident in his strategy as he explains further,

“I try to play pretty tight for the first few levels while maintaining at least an average stack,” he explained.  “As the blinds increase, I play more aggressively, opening with a wider range and bluffing more.  In the middle levels, I feel like you have to take chances to get chips. If I have 15-20 BB and it’s close to the final table, I lower the amount of my opening raises and play aggressively in position.  This strategy seems to work well.  I have a decent win rate.”

“I’ve never played in an event as big as the Winter Poker Championship in Seefeld,” he said.  “The biggest tournament I ever played in was a $500 buy-in with about 100 players.  I finished on the bubble.  Aside from that, I’ve played in several small tournaments in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.”

Douglas is planning to make the trip with his wife alongside as for O’Keefe, he plans on bringing his own adventure to Austria.

“My first time over there I couldn’t believe how differently they play in Europe!” said O’Keefe.  “Maybe all that schnitzel makes them so aggressive? I don’t know, but I’m more ready for them this year, that’s for sure!”

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