iPhone Mobile Betting App For Ladbrokes


The 2012 London Olympics are only a hop, skip and jump away, and to all intents and purposes, mobile sports-betting operators need to get their acts jacked, or they will miss out on an extremely valuable opportunity to really put mobile sports betting to the test. We have heard that they are way behind the times to get this off the ground.

The UK gambling giant Ladbrokes offers both land and online sport betting, as well as other gambling operations, and a recent announcement definitely sees them moving even deeper into the mobile betting business. They have launched a new sports-betting app for the iPhone, and this is believed to be the right thing to do, however, this is not a product aimed at the London Olympics.

AtTheRaces live streaming is a popular Ladbrokes product. It is a dedicated horseracing service enjoyed by their online betting members, and now being delivered to the iPhone-toting members of their gambling community. While only available on iPhone for the present moment, plans are afoot to expand this content to Android mobile users also.

The new application essentially means that Ladbrokes punters will have all live Irish and British races, right in the palm of their hands. To be able to watch the race live on their mobile device, all they need do is wager a minimum of £1 on that race, so, it is great for fun-punters too. Any interested parties may access the app from the iTunes store or send in a special text message.

Richard Ames – MD of Ladbrokes said that it is their aim to offer a leading range of services, and mobile applications are becoming a very important part of that. They obviously want to be the first choice for mobile betting and gambling customers, but we still feel that they have a ways to go to catch up with the big boys in Britain.

Written by Neha A.


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