iplaybingo’s BAD customer service


We received this email yesterday from a (potential) player at iplaybingo.com. Sounds like iplaybingo doesn’t appreciate their paying customers…

Hi, I have a issue with a bingo site. I haven’t deposited, but i tried and when there was a problem they just wouldn’t help me out. The site is iplaybingo.com. Here’s the story. I tried to deposit using a debit mastercard, it for some reason was declined by there processor. So i went to the mastercards website and there was no problem on there end. Infact the money was there pending for the 77.79 US. So they told me to go back to the bingo site and tell them to call us. Well i did that and they refused to do so. So now my money is pending at the mastercard for 7 day. It won’t be credited back to me until the merchant take it or the 7 days of pending is up. I asked iplaybingo to call them to release my money back to me concerting it was there fault it didn’t go threw. There’s nothing wrong with the card because right after that i used the rest on a other bingo site and i had no problems at all. I just want them to call the mastercard to get my money released back to me. I feel the customer service there was horrible and it was there fault so they need to rectify this matter. Thanks


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