Its Time to Hit the Jackpot with Play ‘N Go’s Chronos Joker

Its Time to Hit the Jackpot with Play ‘N Go’s Chronos Joker

Play ‘n Go has been around since 2005 and it is one of the leading online casino software providers out there. This software developer is actually the first when it comes to moving online casino games into the mobile arena.

Some of the most popular casino games that Play ’n Go has released are Jacks or Better, European, English, and French Roulette, and many varieties of Blackjack, Poker, and online slots. When it comes to the game of slots, Play ‘n Go just has one of the best offerings out there.

This Swedish developer is also known for its joker-based slots like Fire Joker, Mystery Joker, and Inferno Joker. Recently, they just released their newest addition to this Joker slots selection, and that is the Chronos Joker.

Chronos Jocker is the seventh title release from Play ‘n Go in the same month. It’s mobile-friendly and carries the traditional fruit symbols that are seen on many slot machines. This includes symbols like grapes, lemons, plums, sun dials, hourglass, pocket watch, digital watch, cherries, and of course, the Joker.

Chronos Joker was released just a week after Play ‘n Go released its holiday-themed slot, Xmas Magic. This new slot variety is a five-reel innovation with a three-row video slot. It also comes with a complete five fixed pay lines.

According to the developers, Chronos Joker has a 91.56 percent return-to-player ratio. It challenges online casino players to make use of the powers that they get while playing. Players get the opportunity to manipulate time in different and interesting ways.

The developers also said that the different ways to time travel can either increase or decrease the amount of the players’ wins. This way, the players will really seem to be racing against time. They have to be a bit strategic to make sure that they get the highest possible rewards.

Play ‘n Go’s Chief Executive Officer Johan Tornqvist used a press release to officially name Chronos Joker as the seventh title release from the company. Stated on that press release are the following:

“Chronos Joker is an exciting game with several creative and unique features to enhance the player experience. Players are going to love the unique nature of this game and the excitement of finding their favorite feature and that’s what it’s about for us, providing a high level of entertainment that players will love.”

Based on reviews, many see this game as simple-looking yet modern when it comes to the graphics. The space-theme suits its theme of time traveling and exploring the universe. The fruit symbols just add a familiar look to many slot players.

This slot game comes in a 3 x 3 format. Like most slot games, you’ll have to get three matching symbols or combinations in a line to be awarded. This can be already played on online casinos that carry games from Play ‘n Go, like

Overall, this game has the features that many slots players are looking for. It has respins, six bonus features, random multipliers, and stacked symbols. The maximum win is times 1,600. It doesn’t have a scatter symbol nor bonus games, but it does have the wild symbol and multipliers. Free spins are not yet available for this.

Players should watch out for the win multiplier when playing this game. It’s at the top of the game window and randomly activates while a respin is in progress. This multiplier can trigger one of the three respin features that can guarantee a win for players.

Other multipliers include the standard multiplier that is random and can be applied to any of your spins. The Super Multiplier ranges from x4 bet until x20 bet. This is random and any wins that this is applied to can be doubled.

Double stacks can land 2 fully stacked reels. When it does, that’s when a special respin feature can be triggered. A player can get 6 of this in a game. Included in the six stacks are the Spins of the Future, Spins of the Present, Spins of the Past, Super Multiplier Spins of the Future, and Super Multiplier Spins of the Past.

Chronos Joker has no Jackpot to win as it’s not a progressive slot. Overall, it’s a decent slot game. The win potential may not excite players who are after big wins.

This is great for casual players who are looking to both have fun, but Play ‘n Go still has many other slots varieties that can give its players bigger wins.


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