Largest Ever Progressive Jackpot in History of Online gaming has been hit!


online casino jackpotThere is one very happy gambler today in the world now that they have hit the winning combination on the biggest ever progressive jackpot in online gaming history! The game was Mega Fortune from Net Entertainment online casino games and it was worth 11,736,228! This huge progressive jackpot has been in the news constantly since August of this year tempting online gamblers with its massive jackpot and now one very lucky gambler has accomplished what every online slot player was trying to do, win the jackpot! The winning player or casino have not been named as of yet and the air of mystery still remains, but we hope to hear of the lucky person soon in a press release from the online casino that provided the massive jackpot win. Verification and the process of the winner claiming their winnings has to take place first before everything can be announced, so within a matter of hours or days we should know everything about the winner and the winning casino.

The Mega Fortune progressive jackpot which is found at Net Entertainment online casinos is a fairly new video slot game. Only being 2 years old it  has already provided a few winning players with some fantastic prizes.  The first time Mega Fortune was hit was in the same year that it entered the online casino industry, for almost 4 Million and then it was  hit three more times all ranging between 2 and 3 million dollars each! But never has Mega Fortune or any online progressive jackpot ever reached the heights that this jackpot reached. Just imagine the impact this win is going to have on the lucky winner, its life changing in ever sense of the word.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor


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