Largest Lawsuit Ever in Vietnamese History for Gambling Win Still Ongoing


land based casino scamsBack in October of 2009, a very lucky man named Ly Sam was playing a slot machine called “Landlord” at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel’s Palazzo Club and hit a massive jackpot win of USD $55.5 million in cash! This massive jackpot win changes a person life, and you could imagine all the plans this man was making with his new found fortune. However, the casino club’s management had other ideas. They were not planning to pay out this huge jackpot win even though they told Ly Sam that he would have his winnings in three days time. These three days passed with no payment made and here it is two years later and this jackpot winner still does not have his cash.

When Ly Sam hit the major jackpot he was smart enough and untrusting enough to not believe the casino management when they said he would have his winnings in 3 days, so he took it upon himself to write up a report about the win, collected signatures from witness in the casino that day and also took pictures of the winning machine. Well after three days, the casino management started ignoring all his correspondence and has refused to pay the man his winnings stating that the win has been voided because the machine was not working properly!

Since the casino management refused payment, Ly Sam filed a lawsuit against the club and it has become the largest lawsuit ever filed in Vietnam. The lawyer for Ly Sam, Mr. Tran Cong Ly Tao stated that the company Dai Duong affiliate Ewarton Consultancy Co., TLD., must pay Ly Sam. In good faith, gamblers pay real money to play the clubs games, so when one wins that game operator must pay the winnings according to the penal code with which provides bases for charging the operator with abusing trust to appropriate assets. The Palazzo Club needs to pay these winnings to the player but the courts keep delaying the proceedings while trying to accumulate additional evidence. Judge Mai Xuan Binh has announced though that this case will be dealt with soon and we will stay on top of any outcome and how much if any money Ly Sam will end up receiving from this ongoing lawsuit.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor



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