32Red PLC Proves to Have Staying Power with 32Red Casino


32Red PLC, an award-winning online gaming operator and an approved CSR online casino for over 2 years now, is reporting that its 32Red casino has proven to be a success with players in 2011 and well beyond 2012.

The Company reported record growth in light of the strong 2010 comparative figures that were, in turn, 33% ahead of 2009. Consequently, 32Red’s 2011 revenues are 96% ahead of those recorded in 2009.

32Red’s performance is once again dominated by the growth in the 32Red Casino which has been driven by significant new players during the last quarter.

32Red plans to continue marketing investment and believe their performance will have a positive effect on activity levels in 2012 and beyond.

32Red also announced that it has applied for an Italian remote gaming license and intends to commit marketing and operational resources in 2012 to gain a foothold in the Italian online casino market.

Ed Ware, CEO of 32Red, said, “2011 has been another year of progress and the sustained top line growth is encouragement to continue to invest in marketing the 32Red brand. Meanwhile, we will take measures to ensure that the level of service and support we provide to our players remains our point of difference and bolsters retention.

“Our marketing has become more effective and has yielded encouraging results. We will build investment in this area throughout the remainder of the year.

“32Red was delighted to have renewed the sponsorship of Swansea City football club for a further three years in February and we congratulate the club on promotion to the English Premier League.

“While the focus remains in the UK, the board continues to monitor developments in Europe.”

Although we recognize the potential for uncertainty in the economy at home and abroad, we look forward to further progress during 2012. We also believe Italy represents a good opportunity for 32Red to establish itself as a leading remote gaming operator in a new market and we maintain a watching brief on other regulatory developments around the world.”

The Group will announce its preliminary results on Wednesday, 7 March 2012.

Reported by Maggie B.


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