48 Nationals Arrested in Bali Online Gambling Bust


Ngurah Rai Immigration Office in Bali Online Gambling Busts Ends with 48 Nationals Being Arrested

48 Nationals Arrested in Bali Online Gambling BustAnother online gambling ring overseas was busted resulting in more than 40 Taiwanese and Chinese nationals being arrested. Indonesian immigration authorities in Bali raided a villa in Jimbaran this week breaking up the illegal gambling site with detaining 48 suspects. Bali authorities are pretty sure they got everyone involved. In total, there were 27 mobile phones confiscated along with 35 laptops, a printer, 59 internet modems, 85 Wi-Fi routers, two memory USB sticks, 3 land-line phones and one CCTV system.

Tieldwight Sabru, Bali Immigration Official said that continued investigation is needed so they can line out the details of the illegal enterprise, but they are confident the group was accepting bets from other countries as well as within Indonesia.

“We need to investigative further regarding how they operate. So far, I am quite sure that they don’t only operate in Indonesia but also in other countries,” the office’s representative Tieldwight Sabaru stated.

Immigration spokesman confirmed that some of the alleged suspects had, in possession, the wrong immigration documents with several residing in the country on tourist visas. The activities these visa holders were including themselves with are not relevant to the permissions of the tourist visas. Basically the ones holding the tourist visas wore out their welcome a long time ago!

These illegal gambling ring busts are becoming more common these days across Asia. Countries are being plagued by illegal betting shops by targeting bettors and taking them home with them, to the illegal market.



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