Caesars Entertainment is Once Again in Violation with DGE


Caesars Entertainment Receives $15K Fine, Violation of Self Exclusion Laws

Caesars Entertainment is Once Again in Violation with DGECaesars Entertainment was recently fined $15k for violating the self-exclusion laws. New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division charged the gaming operator with a similar fine last year costing the gaming giant 10k in fines. Caesars was accused of soliciting gamblers who put themselves on the list and was still addressed.

Caesars also continued to send marketing promotions to more than 230 self-excluded gamblers the Gaming Enforcement Division disclosed on Tuesday. The announcement made on Tuesday made by spokesman Seth Palansky says that the Online Gaming arm of Caesars Entertainment, known as Caesars Interactive said that the operator turned themselves in once they realized what was going on.

“We self-reported this error to the DGE after we were notified by our third-party provider a lapse in procedure occurred,” said Palansky. “We regret the error, and apologize to those affected by it. We accept the punishment and will work more diligently to avoid a repeat mistake.”

Basically, Caesars is claiming that the self-excluded players were solicited by accident, but evidence is leaning more on the side that it wasn’t an accident especially with this being the second time the operator was fined for the same charges.


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