Calvin Ayre, I Can See and Predict the Future of Online Gambling!


Calvin Ayre, creator of the Bodog Brand has released his predictions once again for 2012 concerning online gambling, going on the record with some bold predictions.

First off his hopes for states in the U.S. to have a turnaround anytime soon with legalizing and regulating online gambling is dim, with only hopes for maybe Nevada being at the forefront since it has already taken steps to move the process along.

Calvin states, “I say it’s 50/50 that there will be one more state doing remote gambling in 2012, and even that one state may only offer online purchases of lottery tickets. But while progress will be slow, this state-by-state process that started in late 2010 with remote sports betting in Nevada will continue to spread over the coming decade. Under this scenario, the big winners – apart from those companies already holding US land-based licenses – will be the companies holding the best technology. But the US is no longer the world’s largest market, and those foreign companies who have hitched their future growth strategies solely to America’s wagon will be sorely disappointed with the results.

In Europe he feels that the European gambling markets are fragmented and non-cooperative, which will only cause further division at an accelerated rate. “Overall, this is a stale and mature market with an economy that will remain shaky for a long time to come. The smart companies (smart enough to have steered clear of public markets and shareholder meetings) will be shifting their focus toward.”

He sees Asia as a young and upcoming market, bigger and getting stronger than the rest of the world all together, claiming, “if you don’t yet have a toehold in Asia, you have no business calling yourself an industry player.” He believes Asian authorities (China, in particular) will embark on a US-style vendetta against some of the major players, only those companies with the right structures in place will be nimble, the winners’ names have yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure: public companies will not be among them.

As for Latin America, “The southern half of the western hemisphere will never rival Asia in terms of scale, but in gambling terms, it’s largely virgin territory, and probably represents the second best market to target in 2012.”

He also feels that India is just a step away from someone coming in and figuring out how to explode this market into online gambling’s billion dollar industry.

In 2012 Ayre’s is looking forward to the “integration code being cracked” as he puts it. For 2011 the focus was on land-based casino companies getting their “digital feet wet.” Ayre’s believes that it will only be a matter of time before the challenge of overcoming the combination of online and land-based gambling into one symbiotic business model come to fruition.  His opinion, “is that the guys best positioned to do this integration are the online companies that control their own technology and are not burdened by massive amounts of debt.”

Next up, taking advantage of Mobile Gambling, Apps, social media and the more are at the forefront of making the online gambling industry the next best thing to tweet about!

“Live Dealer Casino is already massively popular in Asia he says, “live dealer’s appeal will spread to other markets and into other forms, such as bingo. The technology has matured, and bottom line, it’s just fun.”

He also believes it is just a matter of time before RNG casinos make a comeback, “it is wide open for some innovative company to make serious inroads.”

With social media stemming the popularity of  Sports betting, the sector will continue to evolve slowly but vibrantly, with more betting types and increased integration with social media.

The Bodog Recreational Poker Player Model, he claims will be “THE big poker story of 2012.”

Also subscription poker and free-play virtual chip models will continue to grow, Ayre’s doesn’t think anyone will ever find a way to convert, “as a real-money poker player would never play strictly for fun, so they are in fact different markets which can’t be crossed one way or the other.”

He believes that horse racing is in need of a jump start, with a fresh, new and innovative face reaching out to a younger demographic to help it cross over into a hipper scene.

Anonymous Payment Systems, “this will be the year a modified version of Bitcoin hits the net.”

He also predicts his site Calvin Ayre will be the leader of online gambling sites and hey who are we to doubt a man with strong aspirations, hopes and dreams!

Reported by Maggie B.



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