Huge Online Slots Jackpot Win at Virtual City Online Casino


Virtual City Casino interviewed their latest winner J.S., winner of a fantastic prize totaling, CA$105,267! J.S. won the incredible prize playing the online casinos Treasure Nile slots games and was literally floored at the great win!

After a long day working at laying his new floor, J.S. thought it would be a great time to have a beer and relax after his hard days work. So he logged on to Virtual City to try his luck at the casino.

He decided to play the high stakes slots game Treasure Nile before hurrying off to bed, but after playing less than an hour he couldn’t hardly believed he had hit a HUGE win! $105,267!

“My first thought when I won was “Isn’t April Fool’s a couple months away!” Then I took a second to count the zeros, and then almost threw out my back as jumped out of my chair :)”

J.S. said he was so excited, that he called his parents to tell them about his big win!

“You’d think it would have been my girlfriend I told first, but I called my parents who were down in Mexico at the time. I figured they gave me life, I should at least tell them first.”

When asked about his casino experience, ” I can honestly say the customer service, the constant contact with my VIP host Anthony, and the other representatives who guided me through the withdrawal process was absolutely amazing. I was a little nervous about how to go about the e-check transfer, but you guys and gals gave me the most respect and courtesy I have ever received from any organization. Thank you!”

J.S. is planning to use his winnings to pay off his car and student loans, he also said, “I have put money away for a down payment on a house, and now I’m helping my sister out with her wedding. I figured what’s the point in claiming happiness if you can’t share it with others.”

J.S. said his experience is unreal and hopes that other players will also get to enjoy this great feeling. I his closing statements J.S. expressed,

“All I can say to other players is that it is possible! And not just to those who can afford to spend thousands at a casino. In my life, I have probably spent less than $500 at casinos, and look where I am now!! Thank you Casino Rewards! You changed my life!”

Reported by Maggie B.


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