iovation, Best in Online Gaming, Protecting Online Casinos from Fraud


If you stand for protecting your online gaming experience as much as we do here at Casino Scam Report, then you to will be excited to learn that iovation has been named a finalist for the Best Online Gaming Product of the Year by the ICE Totally Gaming panel of judges.

iovation protects online gaming companies and their end users against fraud and abuse through industry-leading combination of shared device reputation and real-time risk evaluation. Online gaming companies make real-time queries to iovation’s knowledge base of 800 million devices from every country in the world; every day, iovation stops over 150,000 fraud attempts.

When you can deposit, transfer and win cash all within one site, it’s no wonder criminals target online casinos like they are thievery superstores. Whether looking to max out stolen credit cards, hijack and rob good customer accounts, or move ill-gotten funds, the bad guys you face are smart, fast and organized. Fortunately, so is the side of justice in the form of iovation.

“iovation is honored to be named a finalist for Best Online Gaming Product of the Year. Having served this market since 2004, we have protected billions of transactions for our international gaming clients,” said Greg Pierson, iovation CEO and co-founder. “Our clients know that we deliver on our promise and provide extremely responsive support to their ongoing needs. Gaming businesses use iovation to minimize chargebacks, account takeover, arbitrage betting, player collusion and affiliate abuse. They also use us for their KYC requirements such as managing customer requested exclusions and geofencing.”

Reported by Maggie B.

Maggie Bean has been a part of our family since we began 15 years ago when we started the Casino Scam Report ( site. She is head editor of articles as well as checking and reporting on the latest casino bonuses and promotions.


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