Kirk Kerkorian, Billionaire Investor of Vegas Casino's Passes


MGM Resorts Founder Kirk Kerkorian’s Passes Away, Leaving Behind a Legacy that Changed Las Vegas

Kirk Kerkorian, Billionaire Investor of Vegas Casino's PassesMGM Resorts founder Kirk Kerkorian passed away on Monday. Kerkorian was one of the world’s richest men. His death has motivated an upsurge of tributes amongst the gambling community. It was Kerkorian who shaped Las Vegas to what it is today.

Kerkorian didn’t finish high school he dropped out in the eighth grade, and was in World War II. He went from being a school dropout to a man that was respected all across the globe. After the war he opened his own charter air company to transport gamblers from California to Las Vegas. At the time of opening this charter service he didn’t know it would become Trans International Airlines. He sold the business in 1968 for more than $100 million.

Kerkorian’s early business deal purchasing 80 acres on the strip in Vegas in 1962 is what began gaining his profitable reputation. This very land is what Caesars Palace was constructed on in 1966. Kirk then went on to building the biggest hotel in the world known as the MGM Grand and the International Hotel. In 2000 Kirk purchased Mirage Resorts from Steven Wynn, and then went on to purchase the Mandalay Resort for $4.8 billion.

CEO of MGM released a statement saying the company would honor the memory of Kirk.

“On a personal level, Kerkorian was a friend and a coach, who taught me the importance in looking forward, and to look back only to understand how things could be done better,” he commented.


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