Microgaming's Diamond Edition, Live Dealer Innovates with HD Video Streaming


Microgaming announced the launch of the state of the art ‘Diamond Edition’ of its existing Live Dealer games with RoyalVegas.eu as one of the first to go live with the new facility.

Microgaming stats that the Diamond Edition will offer gamers ‘a new and improved casino experience’ via the use of ‘redefined graphics that give the player a heightened sense of being in a casino while providing more statistics than ever before to aid their chances of winning big money’.

With innovation and the integration of the HD video streaming offered by the Live Dealer games facility, where players can place bets in “real-time”, the new Diamond Edition also comes complete with multi-player roulette due to ‘a surge’ in the number of gamers enjoying its multi-player offerings.

“The Diamond Edition was partly conceived because of the trend we have noticed towards playing multi-player games and we were keen to ensure that players have even greater opportunity to take advantage of this function, this time through roulette,” read a statement from Microgaming.

“Already, 16 Microgaming customers are using the Live Games product after just one year in the market, meaning that our first-rate technology and comprehensive live experience is being used by thousands of gamers worldwide.”

Microgaming’s existing Live Dealer service offers stand-alone multi-window games along with a multi-language facility for the localisation of casinos and sees cards shuffled and dealt in real-time.

“We are excited to launch Microgaming’s new multi-player Roulette, which gives our players a unique and social gaming experience,” read a statement from RoyalVegas.eu.

“The bet on table functionality is innovative and we know that the Live Dealer Diamond Edition will be a huge hit with our players.”

Reported by Maggie B.


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