Monarchs Online Casino Complaint and Warning – BLACKLISTED!!!


UPDATE: Monarch’s Online Casino is now closed but its sister casinos still remain open and need to be avoided. These casinos are, and

Update 12/18/14 – The player that filed this complaint after 7 LONG months of Monarch’s torturing her with endless emails of B.S. has finally been paid the remainder of her winnings. It was a successful demonstration of how a single player can make all the difference in the world by sticking to their guns and never giving up the fight. It was a difficult battle for her but she prevailed and we are very proud of her for not giving up like most players do. Scam casinos count on this. If you are owed your money fight for it people. We hear it almost on a daily basis of how players give up and tell us it’s not worth the trouble. Your not only affecting yourself but other players by doing this. Stick with the fight people and we are here 100% to back you up and we won’t charge you one red cent to do it either. Congratulations Nancy for putting up the good fight against this casino! Hope you are having fun tonight celebrating. Monarch's Online Casino Warning, Slow Payout Runaround

Update 9/18/14The player that filed this complaint has finally after over 3 months of battling Monarch’s Online Casino been paid her first installment of $2,070 USD. This was a hard fight as the casino constantly gave the player one excuse after another, mostly pointing the blame on their payment processors. While this fight was going on, both the player and us watched as others were getting paid by this casino. It appeared the smaller payout players were getting paid while this player just kept the battle going until (how we see it) Monarch’s casino finally gave in and paid the player her first installment. But as of this update the player has not seen anymore payouts to her account and this of course is a huge concern. Monarch’s Online Casino will remain on our Blacklist until the player is finally paid in full.

A player from Monarchs Online Casino ( contacted us on June 3rd asking for help in retrieving her winnings. She made her first winnings withdrawal request on May 1st, 2014.

This is the breakdown of her winnings and payout requests:

The player won $10,000 and was told by support she had met the payout requirements and could proceed with a withdrawal.

  • On May 1st 2014 the player made a request for $2,000 with a $70 fee
  • On May 2nd 2014 the player made a 2nd request for $2,000 with another $70 fee
  • On May 25nd 2014 the player made a 3rd request for $2,000 paying once again the $70 fee

The player sent numerous emails to support and was told each time ALL requests had been approved. We have verified emails from support that confirms approval from Monarch, however the payouts are not in question as the casino openly agrees that the validity of player’s payout.

It’s also worthy to note that the responses below from customer support only come after numerous attempts to contact them. Several emails were ignored by customer service and continue to be ignored at the time of this report.

On May 27th the player received this reply from support about her pending payout. (This is 27 days after she initially requested it):

“Good day! Apologies for the inconvenience brought upon the delay on receiving update on your payout requests. Please bear with us as we follow this up from our processors.”

We do honor valid payout requests. Rest assured that we’re sorting this out from the third party processor that reviews your payout requests.

Follow up email on June 3rd from support:

“Good day! We apologize for not getting back to you in a timely manner. Our data analysis team further checked on your payout requests. We are pleased to inform you that your withdrawal requests have approved and it will be submitted for payment. Please note that withdrawal amounts beyond $2000 will be paid out in increments.”

The player receives this third email on June 16th:

Good day! In reference to your payout request, kindly provide the following information:

Bank Name :
Bank Address :
Name on Account ;
Account Number :
Routing Number :
Swift Code:

At this time the player has waited a month and a half for her payout. According to the player, when she requested the first payment on May 1st via bank wire, all her banking info was given to the casino. Now 6 weeks later Monarch casino is once again requesting the player’s banking credentials after the receiving all required documents at the time of the first initial request.

The casino continues to give excuse after excuse, blaming their processor’s once again.

“Schedule and time of payment will come from our payment provider”, “Our processor has informed us that wire transfer for $2000 was transacted”, “we have received limited information from our payment provider“, “We are arranging having alternative payment providers” (sic).”

This is the latest email from the casino posted on July 14th 2014 (2 1/2 months after requesting her initial payout)

“Thank you for your query regarding your cashout request. We appreciate your patience and understanding with any delays caused. Please be assured any cashouts approved and pending payment are secure and will be honored.

At present, we have received limited information from our payment provider in obtaining a resolution to this ongoing matter. We are however arranging having alternative payment providers. Feedback will be coursed through the soonest. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

We are issuing the following warning for all site visitors to avoid Monarchs Online Casino for failure to pay and poor customer support; in addition we have added Monarchs Online Casino to our Blacklist.

If Monarchs Online Casino chooses to do the right thing and issue to the player payment of her valid winnings, we will update this warning accordingly and the casino will be removed from our Blacklist.

Maggie Bean has been a part of our family since we began 15 years ago when we started the Casino Scam Report ( site. She is head editor of articles as well as checking and reporting on the latest casino bonuses and promotions.


  1. Hi,
    I am having a very similar problem with Monarchs online casino. I won a $2000 jackpot over three months ago and have yet to be paid. Very frustrating. These guys are crooks.

  2. Update from original commenter (hedge961):

    Andrea Miller from Firebrand Affiliates (affiliate brand for Monarch’s Casino) commented in this post and told hedge961 she would like to help get things resolved in regards to his payout. Problem is Andrea deleted her post about an hour later (some help right?)

    This is typical of Monarch’s Online Casino. They have been leaving many players high and dry for months now. Complaint after complaint roll in and broken promise after promise spews back out.

    I’ve personally been in touch with Firebrand and have been witness to their stall tactics. Frankly, in over 10 years I’ve rarely seen a casino group that shows such blatant disregard for their players.

    We seriously recommend that players avoid playing at Monarch’s Online Casino. If you do choose to give them your money there is a slim to none chance that we can help you recover your money. And my emphasis is on NONE.

    There are so many great online casinos out there that respect their players. Don’t risk your money by playing at non CSR approved casinos.

    CS Report

  3. I have been battling with Monarchs Casino since May 1st and NO ONE should have
    to spend as much time as I have to get them to pay me. I won $10,000 back in
    April and made my first withdrawl request in the beginning of May……iT TOOK
    THEM UNTIL 9/11/2014 TO PAY MY FIRST $2,000. I had to email everyday and 90% of
    the time they would never them to TWO ONLINE complaint websites.
    My balance is still $6,000 and I gave back $2,000 in the beginning….and I
    haven’t seen another payment. I know it can be done weekly. They did say,
    however, they will process one every two weeks…BUT DIDN’T SAY WHEN?????
    I am not going to give up and Thanks to Rick on this site, he will not take them
    off the Blacklist until I get paid….Just not fair that they continued to take
    money this whole time from other people and didn’t find a way to pay me.

  4. Just keeping you “posted”…..Jana (finance team for Monarch’s) said “it was being processed this week….you should be getting another payment”…NOT PROCESSED.

  5. Another update from the original comment (hedge961).

    Evidently Monarch’s Casino paid him. Problem is they shorted him a few hundred dollars in the conversion process. This is what Monarch’s rep had to say:

    “Hi Greg, I was advised by the Operations that your withdrawal has been processed through USD. When this was processed your bank follow the prevailing foreign exchange rate. This practice is standard in the gambling industry and being applied even by the biggest book makers.”

    This is what we here at Casino Scam Report Have to say about her foreign exchange rate math:

    “The exchange rate from USD to CAD is actually more. Greg should have received around $2,122.58 CAD minus bank charges. Even with the fees taken Greg should have received over $2000 CAD. I deal with foreign exchange rates between CAD and USD all the time and never does any gaming company I’ve dealt with take out more than $60. Usually $30 from the sending bank and $25 to $30 from the beneficiary bank. In this case someone clearly took a huge chunk of Greg’s money. I wish I could say I’m surprised but nothing Monarch’s does surprises me anymore.”

  6. I am still not confident I will get the rest of my money…this week should tell the story.
    They already lied about the every two weeks…..last payment was on 10-3-2014

  7. So I was told they processed another payment on 10-21 and I still don’t have it….should of had it the next week…so of course I knew something was wrong AGAIN.
    Several emails go unanswered AGAIN…..and then I get a phone call last night?????
    It was Jana from the Finance Department…are you ready for this….they have another NEW processor and they needed to know what city I was born in?????????
    How about just answering one of the 10 emails I have sent in the last week and just frickin ask me….
    OMG Rick I can’t believe I am still dealing with them…..

  8. Well I got my 3rd payment today…..IT IS EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ONE MORE TO GO….I sent them an email today and told them to GET IT PROCESSED and than you will remove them from the Black List!!!!
    Holy Crap…I have never done all this work in the 10 years plus of playing online!

  9. just wanted you to know that FINALLY after 7 LONG months and endless emails I have finally been paid….
    I got my last payment today…..and an email from them saying that they apologize for the delay that they are working on getting me paid?????
    Such dumbass’s they don’t even know what each end is doing…….
    Thank you again for always being there for me…trust I will never play on their site again.

  10. Another payout complaint from a Monarch’s player came in last month. I tried to get help for this player but as usual Monarch’s Online Casino just ignores our requests. Avoid this casino at all cost!

    Player Complaint:
    I have been trying to get paid for over a month now. I have won as much as $5,000 and now have a total of $2,000 I am wanting to cash out but continue to have problems and keep getting the run around by customer service and security managers. I had to submit documents on several times. Now they keep having me email different people. I just want my money I won fair and square. Kevin C

  11. Three more complaints came in about Monarch’s this week. This casino is a scam people. Do not play there…

    I put in for a withdraw in July again in Aug.
    I have given them all the paperwork they requested. Have received nothing and not even any correspondence from them. I think they are a scam. Please help me. I am 72 and should know better. Michelle.

    I am trying to receive 2 two thousand dollar payments from Monarchs. They have been approved by the Finance team. I can not get any one to respond from Monarchs. They have told me someone would call. This has not happened it has been since the first week of Sept. James

    On, august 13,2015 I submitted a payout $150 because I had received an email informing that the documents they requested had all been approved I was to the understanding that within 5 days I would be receiving my money its been near impossible to contact them in regards to this matter I don’t know what else to do please assist me in resolving this mater thank you. Tara

  12. Another person scammed by Monarch’s Online Casino:

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! as soon as I requested a withdrawal on sept. 23, the website went down. Im owed $2000. impossible to talk with anyone, was told in a email they are having problems with the server. I feel lost, can’t get any information on my withdrawal. HELP, Peggy


  14. This complaint just came in from a Mermaidspalace Casino player. This casino is part of the same network of casinos that Monarch’s was when they were online.

    I just want to report a scam that I think is going on at Mermaidspalace Casino. I started playing there in Nov 2015. At the time I thought it was a good casino and did not do my research. I played daily and was a VIP player until I requested a withdrawal in March 2016. I won 1,000 dollars and played it down to 400.00 and requested a cashout. My withdrawal sat on pending forever a month and was told that they were having problems with their processors. Everyday there was a new excuse. This month I finally here from them that they no longer make withdrawals or deposits from the US. This is so unfair that I have been warning players about Mermaid Palace. Thanks for listening, and I do believe that I was SCAMMED!


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