Mongolia Looks to Capitalize on Fourth Casino Bill


Mongolia Working on Establishment for Two Casino Resorts in the Country, Looking to Capitalize on Bringing Macau Gamblers as Parliament Vote on Casino Bill

Mongolia Looks to Capitalize on Fourth Casino BillMongolia, the country that borders China to the south and Russia to the north, located in Asia, is moving forward with its initial plans to open up two casino resorts. The opening of the two resorts is their attempt to get in on the action of gambling in Asia. Mongolia’s parliament may vote as early as this week on draft legislation to develop the new multi-billion dollar casinos in hopes of taking Macau’s gamblers and bringing them over to the other side.

“Russia, China and Japan are some of the biggest gamblers in the world. Japan and Russia already don’t need visas for Mongolia, and Chinese with official passports don’t either.“Xi Jinping has plans for restrictions on Macau and business is shrinking now, so hopefully we can get tourists that might have traveled to Macau,”Unnamed member of the working party that drafted the bill

Mongolia isn’t the only country considering casino resorts. Japan, South Korea and Vietnam are too contemplating on opening up casino venues in the country even though Macau has been suffering with major setbacks. The drafted bill isn’t a free pass of course, it comes with restrictions such as Mongolia players being forbidden to play at other countries where locals are prohibited from playing.

Details on where the two resorts will open up have not been disclosed, but reports confirm that the Khushigt International Airport has been under construction, so one wonders if this may be the location of one of the resorts. With some of the biggest gamblers coming from Japan, China and Russia, Mongolia is the perfect spot for casino resorts to open up since no travel visas are needed to enter the country of Mongolia.

This will be Mongolia’s fourth try to pass a casino bill.

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