New Jersey's Could Agree to Liquidity Sharing with UK


The UK and New Jersey are in Talks to Share Liquidity Player Poker Pools – A Massive Increase in Liquidity for New Jersey Operators

New Jersey's Could Agree to Liquidity Sharing with UKThe United Kingdom and New Jersey are in talks to come to an agreement for a possible share of their online gambling player pools. With the UK being one of the oldest regulated markets in the online gambling community, or the world rather, New Jersey will benefit if all goes well with the agreement.

Currently, New Jersey dominates 90% of the online gambling market in the USA, and has strict rules to abide by with their regulations. Players who are physically within the states borders are allowed to play the approved gambling sites, however there are laws in place that let players to enter into liquidity sharing, if approved.

According to news reports regulators in New Jersey sent letters to companies that have a better understanding with this type of agreement and who have allowance in both jurisdictions to see which system works best for this type of situation. There are a lot of details to be worked out, but if the agreement gets final approval this is a great step forward!

“We’d still have to figure out lots of issues: specific regulations, how the tax rate from each jurisdiction would be applied, player ID and geolocation issues, and other things we probably haven’t even considered yet. But you have to start somewhere,” commented David Rebuck, the Director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.


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