Play EasyPlay Mobile Tournaments by MGM Las Vegas


Play MGM Las Vegas On the Go Now, Launch of New EasyPlay Mobile Tournament

Play EasyPlay Mobile Tournaments by MGM Las VegasMGM Las Vegas players can now enjoy a wide array of games via their mobile device. In any of MGM’s nine resorts/casinos there are online versions of several games including bingo, slots and poker. This is a step in the right direction, and MGM knew exactly what they were doing to cater to their players!

The new mobile play option starts this week and can be accessed via mobile devices, tablets or laptops. MGM put together an EasyPlay Mobile Tournament site that is said to be the “first digital and interactive tournament to be offered by a regulated casino in the United States.”

There are 25 slots total including the Diamond and Triple 7 Sapphire slots collection. There is also Empire Action bingo and tons of poker games. You can gain access to the online games at any of the MGM properties as long as you are located within one of the casinos. You have to create an account and register a payment card before you can play any of the games. How the games are legal this way is that they are ran in ‘tournament’ mode per say. The prize pool depends on how many people are in the same ‘tournament’ as you.

All of the games are available in free mode so you can see how the games are played. The new mobile platform and other information can be found on the EasyPlay site.


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