Voters Will Decide on Casino Expansion Vote


New Jersey Receives Legislative Approval for November Expansion Vote

Voters Will Decide on Casino Expansion VoteJust three days ago, Monday March 14th, New Jersey lawmakers voted in favor of the proposed bill for the expansion of two casinos outside of Atlantic City. This was a significant step needed for legislation. Now, it will be to the voters to decide if the two casinos will be built in the northern part of the state.

Come November, the voters will be able to voice their opinion on the matter with the November ballot. The Senate passed and approved the amendment with a 34-6 vote. After the Senate voted it then passed Assembly members with a 54-16 in favor of.

The question in detail that will appear on the ballot will ask,

“Do you approve amending the Constitution to permit casino gambling in two additional counties in this State? At present, casino gambling is allowed only in Atlantic City in Atlantic County. Only one casino in each of the two counties would be permitted. Each casino is to be located in a town that is at least 72 miles from Atlantic City. The amendment would allow certain persons to apply first for a casino license.”

If voted on and approved for the final process each casino will be located around 72 miles north of Atlantic City. Licenses will be offered to operators who already offer activities in the state.

“For a state sorely in need of new revenues for vital needs such as programs and property tax relief for senior citizens and disabled residents, this is a win-win,” said Gary Schaer, chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee, in a statement. “This proposal would help bring a brighter economic future for our state.”



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