Licence Suspended for Morpheus Games (MT) by MGA

Licence Suspended for Morpheus Games (MT) by MGA

The Malta Gaming Authority (hereinafter the ‘Authority’) is hereby notifying that Morpheus Games (MT), gaming licence MGA/B2C/383/2017, has been suspended as of 12 February, 2019.

The Malta Gaming Authority suspended Morpheus Games gaming license effective immediately this week. The Malta Gaming Authority declined specific reasons for the suspension saying: no further information shall be released at this stage in order not to compromise any investigations that may need to be performed.”

The MGA disclosed publicly, on their website, that Morpheus Games has been directed to indefinitely to halt all gaming operation across its brand. They were ordered to suspend all registration for new players and to stop accepting deposits on the issued license. Morpheus was also ordered to submit all documentation requested by the Authority asap.

MGA also issued a disclaimer saying that any websites that are operated by Morpheus or is associated with the brand is not approved to be operational due to the suspension. Morpheus is not authorized to continue offering its services under the license issued by the Authority.

Players who are owed outstanding payments from any of Morpheus’ gaming sites are urged to send the Authority an email. The MGA is asking for players to include their name, address, date of birth, telephone number, user name, screenshot of balance or any pending cashouts and description of product.


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