Losing Gambler Threatens Casino Goers with Infected Syringe

Losing Gambler Threatens Casino Goers with Infected Syringe

Disgruntled Macau Casino Gambler Loses then Threatens Bettors with a Syringe Allegedly Filled with HIV-Positive Blood

When it comes to gambling and luck isn’t on your side people will do just about anything, and we mean anything! A casino player in Macau, turns out an unlucky gambler,t was arrested after he threatened other players that he had a syringe filled with HIV positive blood.
The PSP (Macau Public Security Police held a press conference on Monday explaining in detail of the arrest. The suspect is a 27-year-old mainland Chinese tourist. He threatened three different men over a period of five days at more than one casino earlier this month.

The police said that the suspect had a syringe that was full of a red liquid substance which he claimed was his infected blood. Once the suspect was arrested and in custody the 24-year-old admitted that the blood was fake. Police are still waiting on test results if the suspect is HIV or not. Police also reported that the suspect attempted to rob the five men that he threatened.

The man was referred to the Macau Public Prosecution Office with charges of possession of forbidden weapons, threat and attempted coercion and physical security offenses. What it boiled down to is the suspect lost money at the baccarat tables and the men he threatened won quite a bit.


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