Macau Casino Fined $1.25M Money Laundering, Loan Shark Activities

Macau Casino Fined $1.25M Money Laundering, Loan Shark Activities

Macau Casino in Washington Receives a $1.25m Penalty for Money Laundering and Loan Shark Activities

A card room operator in Tukwila, Washington, Macau Casino, received a $1.25m penalty for money laundering and loan shark activities from the Gambling Commission. The penalties were issued after an investigation was conducted with the Washington State Gambling Commission finding one of Macau Casinos employees participating in money laundering activities by bringing big bags of $20 bills to the casino and distributing them to ‘players’ while the ‘players’ would gamble and cashout with $100 bills. The employee was arrested and charged with money laundering, unlawful debt and extortionate of money.

The Gambling Commission banned the two owners of the casino from participating in gambling activities in the future and revoked gaming licenses from seven different employees and four license revocations are pending. The investigation started back in 2016 after allegations of loan shark activities were taking place with employees loaning cash and chips at an “exorbitant interest rates”.

The Gambling Commission said the penalties issued sends a strong message to let all those involved in the investigation and the industry that the necessary steps will be taken to keep criminal activities out of gambling facilities.

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