Malta Gaming Authority Announces New Division within the Regulatory

Malta Gaming Authority Announces New Division within the Regulatory

The Malta Gaming Authority announced a new division within the regulatory. The MGA has set-up a Commercial Communications Guidelines committee.

The new division is part of the regulator’s mission of putting responsible gaming and player protection at the forefront of the authority. The MGA said this was a necessary step that needed to be addressed and taken to ensure the Gaming Commercial Communications Regulations.

The main functions of the Committee is to review all commercial communications that is brought to the attention of possible breaches and to assess with practical guidance. Any person who is offering or collaborating in any service that is offering licensable games, including marketing and promotional services, will be expected to follow the guidelines enforced by the new committee and division. The guidelines will serve as an interpretation of already enforced regulations and are not a substitute for current laws and regulations but will reflect on the intentions of the MGA’s effects the regulations acquire.

The MGA said neither of the Regulations and Guidelines constitute, nor bind with the MGA in a manner that will be decided upon a commercial communications complaint. The MGA will investigate thoroughly and conduct in a manner that will determine their ruling. The decisions made by the Committee will follow the determination of the MGA.


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