Mayor of Atlantic City Not Facing Criminal Charges from Casino Brawl

Mayor of Atlantic City Not Facing Criminal Charges from Casino Brawl

Casinos may be a place where you just cannot hold in your emotions. This applies to both outcomes of a gambling spree, a successful one an unsuccessful one. It turned out that the same problem applies to politicians, people who make a living by being presentable and “leading”their local communities.

Words inside, Firsts outside

The mayor of Atlantic City and one of his associates got themselves into a fist fight late at night on November 11. According to reports, the fight happened outside one of the seaside gambling hub’s casinos.

The whole thing was caught on cameras, where the mayor is seen swinging his fist at security guards. Although it is apparent that the fight indeed happened, both Mayor Frank Gilliam and his associate Councilman Jeffree Fauntleroy will not face any criminal charges because of the brawl.

It may seem like the judge had a biased opinion on the matter, just because the two men involved are local politicians, but looking at it in a different way, we see that it is just a brawl, nothing too serious, so a criminal charge to step from this event was highly unlikely, to begin with. But public opinion has definitely suffered.

Don’t mess with security

This event highlights the importance of security in casinos, why indeed they are needed to keep all of the sober players safe from the “not so sober ones”. The Golden Nugget casino guards displayed professionalism, by escorting the two men outside, where the brawl took place.

Although the fight was clearly seen on the camera recordings, there is no clear reason as to why the event happened in the first place. It is rumored that the two politicians were not in a sober state,but as mentioned, it’s just a rumor.

Thankfully, the casinos will not suffer any type of political pressure from the individuals involved, meaning their financial business will continue unhindered. Many thought that the venue would suffer from accusations from the politicians, but as it turns out, the fight may have been instigated by the politicians themselves.


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