Mega Moolah Pays Out 7.7 Million to Lucky Player


Mega Moolah Pays Out Yet Another Life Changing Million Dollar Jackpot

Mega Moolah has paid out another massive jackpot! An unnamed, yet lucky player scooped up a $9 million jackpot after spinning the game eight times, yes eight times! This is one of two big wins on Microgaming’s millionaire maker slot, which includes a win on month on the Mega Moolah slot so far in 2017.

Mega Moolah has sure lived up to its name! The progressive slot is a favorite and has been since it was first launched by Microgaming. All the exciting details haven’t been made public yet, but what we do know is that the casino tweeted the exciting news just yesterday and stated that on the eighth spin the jackpot was awarded.

The 25 payline slot is themed around safari animals offering not one, not two, or three, but four different levels of progressive payouts. The game, since its launch, has been paying out about every 11th week. The exact amount that was won was €7,742,015.53. Unibet’s last payout of the game was a little over €6.7 million.

The different levels of payouts vary, with this big one guaranteeing a million-dollar payout. Once it’s won it resets, but grows rapidly with every spin made on it, and since it’s a networked game all Microgaming powered casinos offer the same jackpot amount.


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